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Hello Traders,

I am Hector, founder of One Good Trade. A very warm welcome to our trading community here for trading stocks, CFD, Indices, forex and commodities. My personal approach to trading is Price Action Trading, which is simply the analysis of charts based on price , rather than on indicators which are lagging since they are derivatives of price. However, I do add a couple of moving averages to help me identify dynamic support, resistance and market trends.


Price action on a chart reflects all variables on the market at a given point and below show two charts. First, we have a pure clean price action chart with no indicators except price candles on it. The price movement on the chart will provide all the signals you will need to trade a high probability setup. This is what we call Price Action Trading.

A Clean Chart
A Cluttered Chart

The second chart shows a cluttered chart with additional indicators like Bollinger Bands, RSI & Directional Movement added. Taking these lagging indicators into consideration add uncertainty as they increase “noise” and create more false signals.

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