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Index CFD and Forex Trade Ideas & Chart Analysis (21 – 25 Dec 20)

By Hector in Trade Ideas on 20 December 2020

Wishing You and Family A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Index CFD and Forex Trade Ideas & Chart Analysis will resume on 10 Jan 21.






Big Picture – Bullish

Resistance : 1,696    Support : 1,622

One Good Trade Idea

The trend in KLCI is bullish after the breakout of the resistance at 1,622. The budget passed last week is expected to put the Malaysia economy back in a stronger position. Price actions pullback last Friday and traders may look for signal to buy near the support at 1,622.


2.(Strait Times Index SGD5 CFD)



Big Picture – Bullish

Resistance :2,891    Support : 2,707

One Good Trade Idea

While there is bullish sentiment in the market after last week’s announcement of the Phase 3 implementation on 28 Dec, price actions remain below the 2,891 resistance. Traders may prefer to long on weakness as price retreat to near the 20 EMA support between 2,800 – 2,707.


3.(US Tech 100 Index USD5 CFD)



Big Picture – Bullish

Resistance : 12,800    Support : 12,468

One Good Trade Idea

Despite a record increase in the number of Covid deaths, the major US indices including US Tech continue to record new highs last week. With the launch of Pfizer’s vaccine, approval of Moderna’s vaccine and hope in the fiscal stimulus deal, investors continue to put more risk on the table and push the index higher. Traders may continue to long above the support at 12,468.



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Big Picture – Bullish

Resistance : 0.7676    Support : 0.7413

One Good Trade Idea

AUDUSD has swung higher following a better than expected job data last week. Together with the strength in the price of iron ore, price action continues to push higher. Traders may long on price weakness and buy with a price action signal above 0.7413 support.





Big Picture – Bullish

Resistance : 1.2555    Support : 1.2011

One Good Trade Idea

EURUSD continued to surge higher last week while the UK-EU trade talk went back and forth without any breakthrough. Traders may continue to long this pair above the support at 1.2011 with the next target move to 1.255 resistance. The catalyst may be a trade deal between UK and EU.





Big Picture – Short Term Bullish

Resistance : 1,965    Support : 1,817

One Good Trade Idea

Gold rebounded from the support at 1,817 and the short term bias is bullish. After crossing the $2,000 level this year, it has retraced to a low of $1,764. In order for price to go higher, the bulls will have to push through above the blue trendline resistance. Bull traders may prefer to wait for the breakout to long or on a pullback to horizonal support near 1,817.


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