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KISS Your Chart

By Hector in Trade Articles on 12 September 2019


KISS Chart

Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) Chart

Among the challenges that new traders face when they start trading is to decide which trading system to use on their chart.

Initially, a new trader will spend much time to do research, read up on trading books on the best trading system and starts trading. Some may spend a few thousand dollars on trading courses in the pursuit of finding the holy grail trading system. Finally, they may end up with the chart below:


Cluttered Chart


Overloaded Chart

The problem with a cluttered chart like the one above is information overloaded. There is an overdose of information to analyse. This will prevent the trader from executing his trading plan efficiently and achieving his trading goals.

Mixed Signals

Firstly, the different indicators on the charts maybe sending different signals to the traders. These signals may cause confusion to the traders to come to a trading decision. As a result, you will have problem pulling the trigger when have two conflicting signals. Shoot! Don’t Shoot! ??


Secondly, certain indicators are lagging in nature. By the time the signal comes in for the trader to enter, price may have moved far away from the break out price. Subsequently, the risk reward ratio for the trade setup may not be favourable for the trader to enter as the odds of a winning trade is reduced.


The price action technique uses clean chart. The “Keep It Simple, Stupid “ (KISS) principle in the chart has features and benefits as explained below:


  1. Price action candlesticks

  2. No Lagging indicators

  3. Support, Resistance and Trend line marked


  1. Allow traders to focus on price action without the distraction of noise (indicators)

  2. All trading information (news, earnings, economics data…) is reflected in the candlestick formed on the chart. Together with the important support and resistance levels, the price action on the candlestick helps traders make decision easier and faster.

  3. No lag in processing data. Unlike signals from lagging indicators, there is no delay in the trading signal as traders can process price action on the time frame he is trading immediately as it happens.

  4. Better Risk Reward. As the trade signal to a trader that uses a KISS chart may be earlier than a trader that uses a trade signal from a lagging indicator, the risk reward ratio can be higher. Consequently, the probability of a winning trade is increased.

Price Action Candles in Chart

By focusing on price action on the KISS chart, the important things to identify are the price action candles. The following are three important price actions that we use in our price action technique:

  1. Pin Bar (PB)

  2. Inside Bar (IB)

  3. Engulfing Bar (BE)


Pin Bar Inside Bar Engulfing Bar


Below is an example of price action candles in actions on a KISS chart:

Simple Chart


Chart Candles In Actions



Price action technique on KISS chart can be used for stocks, forex, indices and commodities. By adding more indicators on the charts, traders may unknowingly make trading more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. Without additional indicators and just focus on price action on a clean chart, traders can remove the noise to find a good trade signal.

For the smart traders, Keep It Simple!

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Happy Trading!
One Good Trade



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